Bothell Library Magic

Bothell Regional Librarian Mie-Mie shared these fantastic photos from my visit to Bothell with my Magic Around the World show for the grand finale of their Summer Reading Program.  Man, it was a great turnout!

What I remember from the evening is that the weather was perfect; not too hot, not chilly, and not windy.  (Wind can really cause havoc.  I thought back to my first show of the summer where I performed outdoors for the Olympia Timberland Library and had to tie signs down to the outdoor tent and they still wanted to blow over.)  This evening was calm and the huge crowd of families were there to enjoy themselves.

Several families come an hour early and bring dinner to eat before the show.  (The teriyaki looked good.  I’ll remember that for next time, as the restaurant is within walking distance from the library.)

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