Virtually Amazing School Assemblies

Our engaging virtual programs are pandEPIC!

Since 1998 Rick Anderson and Jeff Evans have presented thousands of school assemblies and library programs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Since 2020 Rick and Jeff have been bringing their virtual magic shows and assemblies to families throughout the United States and Canada. Now you can host an amazing virtual assembly program or magic show for your students and families anywhere in the world!

Jeff Evans’ Science Magic show is the perfect way to present amazing STEM principles virtually to your students

“Jeff is truly an amazing magician! Our school so appreciated how he incorporated science learning and magic in one virtual experience! Jeff’s props, magic display/set up, and scene was perfect! We cannot wait to book an additional virtual assembly with him!”
     -Bobbi Moore, Amy Parks Heath Elementary PTA 

You need a person’s attention before you can teach them anything. Magic is the ideal way to grab – and hold – the interest of your students and children. Choose from motivational-magic programs as well as just-for-fun shows and enrichment programs. Click a link for video highlights and full details.

Rick Anderson‘s programs include:

  • I Love to Read
  • Tricky Rick in Math-Magic Land (STEM program)
  • No Bullies Allowed
  • Family Night Magic Show

Jeff Evans‘ programs include: