No Bullies Allowed Bully Prevention Assembly

This bully prevention assembly may be the
most important program you host all year

Bullying is always a hot topic.  The “No Bullies Allowed” assembly with Jeff Evans or Rick Anderson approaches the subject in a way that makes this potentially intimidating subject fun.


  • Discover how a positive attitude can transform confrontations into friendships.
  • Are challenged to give a “warm fuzzy” and do something nice for someone and see the magic for themselves.
  • Learn simple responses that keep them in charge of their emotions.
  • Discuss the difference between tattling and reporting.
  • Know when to handle a little problem yourself and when to ask a teacher or an adult for help.
  • Become upstanders – rather than bystanders – and help put an end to bullying at their school.

Note: this assembly is only available as an in-person program as it doesn’t translate well to virtual presentations.

Bully prevention assembly

Using magic, audience participation, storytelling and comedy, these points are brought to life and taught to students in an unforgettable way.  Students return to their classrooms with techniques to avoid and prevent bullying that they can use immediately.  Thhis program can be customized to incorporate the bully-prevention steps that you recommend your students follow, too.

Class Activity Sheets are provided for all teachers the day of the assembly. These support materials and class discussion ideas are ready to use immediately. They transfer the excitement from the program back to the classroom to stimulate more interest and retention.

Jeff role plays with students to see what they might do in certain situations

Jeff role plays with students to see what they might do in certain situations

“Your additions of ‘anti-bully’ messages were perfect since we have been discussing those ideas with our students.  Numerous students told me it was a fun assembly!!”
-Deniece Hussey, Secretary, Roosevelt Elementary, Olympia

“I had fun when you were here.  I never saw anything like that in my life.  Thank you a lot for teaching me to believe in myself.”
-Janica, Robert Gray Elementary student

“I want to thank you for such a great performance!!  The kids loved it.  I was so impressed that you spent so much time with each child.  They are still talking about it!  The kids loved having all of the interaction.  Even my son who is 13 years old was like, ‘WOW, how did he do that?’
     -Valerie Foulds, parent, Lincoln Elementary, Hoquiam

“Thank you for another fantastic assembly!  You light a fire under students and inspire many “magical” moments in their lives.  Your assembly fit our school’s focus perfectly.”
-Theresa Kingma, PTA, Happy Valley Elementary, Bellingham

“Warm fuzzies have become a part of our everyday language in our classroom.  Whenever someone does or says something nice, we complement them on giving a warm fuzzy.  Many teachers have been using some of the quotes used during the bully role playing game as a way of teaching coping strategies to their students.”
-Jennifer Walsh, teacher, McMicken Heights Elementary, Burien

“Everyone loved you, as always. The principal, who hadn’t been lucky enough to see one of your shows before, was incredibly impressed (she’s a former drama teacher, and she’s not easy to impress!) She said that the staff was raving about how great your assembly was. She also said that you really made an impact on a couple of students who really needed to absorb that message!”
-Beth Agnew, PTA, Saltar’s Point Elementary, Steilacoom

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