Virtual Programs

Virtual Science Magic school assembly brings fun facts and STEM principles direct to your students

“I thought it couldn’t be done, but Jeff’s virtual zoom show was more than fantastic! He was fun, personal with all the attendees, and his magic made you think “how he’d do that?” Wow, what a spectacular hour of entertainment for all ages!”
-Kathy McDonald, Mercer Island

“We had him do a family zoom night for our school. It was such a huge success and the kids were so engaged. Jeff truly went above and beyond and made it special for an elementary school. He even took an opportunity to take volunteers to help from home.”
-Autumn Cummings, Lacey Elementary PTA

Streaming worldwide from his Zoom Room

Pro Streaming Studio

PandEPIC! There’s nothing like a global health crisis o prompt change, and Jeff’s first Zoom magic shows were in mid-March 2020. He soon transformed part of his home into a “Zoom Room” streaming video studio. Jeff’s shows look and sound good because he has installed professional sound, theatrical lighting and controllers, and custom backdrops. Up to three Sony HD cameras, OBS switching software, and up to ten studio lights power the studio. Upgraded internet speed and a Zoom Pro account handling up to 500 participants round out the package.

Better than Live?

No way! However, there are some advantages of virtual shows. First, everyone can see and hear perfectly. Everyone has the “best seat in the house.” Acoustics are always good. Because large props can be used and setup time and space isn’t a constraint like they can be in a live performance venue, Jeff can do creative and custom routines that aren’t always practical to set up quickly or take “on the road.”

Rave Reviews for Jeff Evans’ Virtual Magic Shows

“We’re still hearing rave reviews from your show! One of the teens spent ten minutes this morning telling us about the time you pulled a shovel out of a bag. Jonathan was like – we know – we were also watching, but the teen couldn’t get over it. He relived it for us like eight times. A SHOVEL out of a BAG!”
-Darlene Sellers, King County Parks

“It was honestly so amazing. The whole family got to watch and interact with him and it was a blast. His tricks totally blew our minds! It was hands down the highlight of my sons birthday. A really neat bonus is that the whole show was recorded and now we have a keepsake video of the experience. Thank you, Jeff Evans for saving the day! You made one boy very happy!”
-Carly Champoux, North Bend

“You are just as magical virtually as you are in person. I only wish you could have seen the amazement and happiness that must have been on everyone’s faces, including mine. Thanks so much for an incredible show! BTW, I love your chicken puppet SO MUCH!!!!! How long did it take you to become a wizard of special effects on camera???”
-Vicky Beatty, Stanwood Library

“Jeff is truly an amazing magician! Our school so appreciated how he incorporated science learning and magic in one virtual experience! Jeff’s props, magic display/set up, and scene was perfect! We cannot wait to book an additional virtual assembly with him!”
-Bobbi Moore, Amy Parks Heath Elementary PTA

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