‘I’ve taught at this level for 23 years and sat through many assemblies.  Jeff Evans, by far, gets a ‘10’ for his performance and engagement with the children.”
-Carolyn Candy, Chautauqua Elementary teacher

“Your additions of ‘anti-bully’ messages were perfect since we have been discussing those ideas with our students.  Numerous students told me it was a fun assembly!!”
-Deniece Hussey, Roosevelt Elementary

“Your lively assembly with the potent reading message was the best assembly I’ve seen in 27 years of teaching.  As a result 21 of my 22 children got their library cards.  Number 22 is working on his mom!”
-Pat Dahl, Chinook Elementary

“Both staff and students were raving about his performance!  They said it was the BEST Read Across America Assembly they had seen!”
-Kimberly Rose, Star Lake Elementary Librarian

“The word from the children was ‘this was the best assembly EVER!’  The parents, teachers and staff all agree with the children, you were extremely entertaining.”
-Wendy Logan, Browns Point Elementary PTA

Jeff Evans celebrating 20 years of presenting programs for the Yelm Timberland Library - with Mike and Chiyo

Jeff Evans celebrating 20 years of presenting programs for the Yelm Timberland Library – with Mike and Chiyo

“My staff is a particularly picky one about assemblies.  They really gripe if they feel an assembly was a waste of time.  Well, they all really liked your assembly and we got nothing but positive comments.  My entire 793.8 section has been decimated by enthusiastic students.”
Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary librarian

“We have received nothing but positive feedback and kudos for the assembly, as well as Science & Math night from teachers, parents and most importantly, our students.  Your energy and quick wit captivates the audience in seconds, and the fact you are able to weave science knowledge in with magic is beyond entertaining.  There were times that I laughed so hard I cried from pure amusement!!”
-Heather Fleiner, High Lakes Elementary PTA

“I was thrilled with the response!  We have never had so many people attend one of our Family Enrichment Nights!  I think doing the assembly during the day really boosted our attendance in the evening.  The kids obviously loved your performance!  It was great for all ages.  My four-year-old and my 10-year-old both loved it!  Jacob said when we got home, “Mom, that guy was magic!”  Gavin took his magic book to school so he could read it during the day.  He loved your performance too and said how much his friends loved it.  In fact, he said his friends think I am a cool Mom because I brought you to the school.  Thanks again.  I am so glad we had you come.”
-Shelly Smith, Cedar Valley P. T. A.

“Jeff Evans was invited to perform for an event sponsored by our ASB.  His audience was eighty 6th – 8th grade middle schoolers, who can be a difficult crowd.  He wowed them with his fantastic magic show and especially with his up close and personal tricks.  His performance was one of the highlights of our evening.”
-Bob Gatbunton, ASB Advisor, Giaudrone Middle School

“I always, always enjoy having you at my library. You’re such a natural with the kids, even when there are mobs. The show is great and I never fail to learn something new.  I can’t wait to have you back.”
-Pamela LaBorde, Ballard Library

Jeff Evans visits Horizons Elementary in Lacey

Jeff Evans visits Horizons Elementary in Lacey

“Mr. Evans does a fabulous job captivating and entertaining elementary level audience members.  Sunrise Elem. students, grades K-6, have had the opportunity to experience several of Mr. Evans assemblies and enjoyed them all.  He is able to monitor students’ patience and interest during his performance and engages students into his acts.  I love the way Mr. Evans integrates his reading experiences and the important of reading into his performance.  What a great way to end the school year!”
-Charisse Tsukamoto, Sunrise Elementary Librarian

“What a showman. Jeff’s performance is engaging, enlightening, and entertaining!  Staff and students requested a return performance next year.  We plan to invite Jeff back next year with one of his other shows.”
-Dwight Cooper, principal, Reardan Elementary

“My office mate and her children were in your audience last night and she said they are still talking about how you do those things.  Her kindergarten son wants to go right to the library tonight to get magic books and they want to write you a letter.  So don’t be surprised if you hear from a little girl and boy who are absolutely entranced with you:).  That’s what I call a success!!”
-Kay Peters, Title 1 Parent Involvement, Shoreline Schools

“Jeff, you have no idea how much your message has rippled through our large school today. The students were enthralled with your magical way of delivering the message of ‘Being a Buddy and Not a Bully’. You have such a talent for keeping students engaged, delivering content, and even connecting with the staff members. We appreciated your show greatly, and we can’t wait for you to return again.”
-Mari Sager, Dean of Students, Rock Creek Elementary School

“My kids LOVED it. It was very engaging and fun, and they were entranced. We really liked it. And I need to go find my old Warm Fuzzy book. That’s a great story to share with my class.”
–Mrs. Newton, Kindergarten Teacher, Rock Creek Elementary School

"Seussfest" with Youth Services Librarians at the Aberdeen Timberland Library

“Seussfest” with Youth Services Librarians at the Aberdeen Timberland Library

“I have heard many compliments from teachers, parents, and kids!  Kudos!!”
-Kathy Rickard, Brouillet Elementary P.T.A.

“I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”
-Susan Peterson, East Port Orchard Elementary teacher

“I ran into a teacher downtown yesterday and she told me that was the best assembly the school has EVER had!!”
-Barbara Dolezal, Highlands Elementary PTA

“I want to thank you for such a great performance!!  The kids loved it.  I was so impressed that you spent so much time with each child.  They are still talking about it!  The kids loved having all of the interaction.  Even my son who is 13 years old was like, ‘WOW, how did he do that?’
-Valerie Foulds, Lincoln Elementary

“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!”
-Urdene Rickard, St. Vincent de Paul School Librarian

“I have heard some GREAT comments about the show.  I saw one mom tonight who said her first grade son just had to go to the library and he was so excited he found a book on magic!”
-Konnie Wager, Chinook Elementary P. T. A.

“Jeff Evans recently entertained close to 100 5th grade students as a celebration of good citizenship. For 45 minutes the students and staff were completely delighted by Jeff’s magic and comedy routine. Afterwards, the kids described the show as “hilarious”, “great tricks”, “couldn’t stop laughing”, “magical”, “laugh-out-loud funny”, and “inspiring”. We highly recommend Jeff’s show for large groups and look forward to him returning to our school next year.
-Lisa Krupp, South Bay Elementary teacher

“Your shows are the best!  I’ve had so many parents coming to the library to look for books just like ‘that Science Magic show’.  One of our longtime users, who never misses your shows, said that both kids and adults learn and are amazed by your performances.  Kudos!”
-Mie-Mie Wu, Bothell Library

“Jeff Evans has been coming to our school for nine consecutive years to do his assemblies. He is a great presenter to have on an annual basis. His assemblies are informative, educational, humorous, and well-researched. Jeff targets his audience well and has fresh material in every presentation.  Jeff relates well to kids and engages them in his performance. He always has a positive message and kids love him! He is very entertaining!
-Joy Carrington, R. E. Bennett Elementary principal

Science-STEM assembly at Coe Elementary in Seattle

Science-STEM assembly at Coe Elementary in Seattle

“Jeff inspired both students and teachers in his unique method of instructing fundamental science concepts using the mystery of magic.  Students and teachers cheered at his captivating demonstrations.  Jeff’s program left students and teachers excited as they pondered his Science Magic.
-Gregory Kroll, Mt. View Elementary 5th grade teacher

“Your show was very exciting and educational for our students.  Your delivery was exceptional and I know our teachers were happy with the material.  They asked to have you back earlier in the year!”
-Gloria Snapp, Oakbrook Elementary secretary

“Your show was terrific and the kids loved it!… You not only made it an educational experience, but one of fun and humor.  Our children were mesmerized by your magic and learned things in the process.  How great is that!”
-Jeanie Bethel, Silver Firs P.T. A. President

“Your show was outstanding this morning. I haven’t laughed that much in ages or oohed and aahed. How do you do all that magic!!??? Thanks so much for your appearance.”
-Camille Callner, Meridian School Teacher

“Everything went smoothly from start to finish… Please use us as a reference.  The students absolutely loved the show!”
-Deanna Dent, Glenridge Elementary P.T.A.

"No Bullies Allowed" for Seven Oaks Elementary

“No Bullies Allowed” for Seven Oaks Elementary

“I wanted to let you know that the feed back from the students and the teachers was all very positive!!!!  Thank you so much for presenting a GREAT assembly!”
-Chris Anderson, Southside Elementary Booster Club

“You were easy.  We didn’t have to do anything.  Your love for what you do is so evident and it comes through in your show.  You are funny for both the kids and the adults.  Your themes keep the program educational, yet the kids are having so much fun they don’t realize they are learning.”
-Rachel Santo Domingo, Crestwood Elementary P. T. A.

“Thank you so much for the fantastic assembly! Everyone loved you, as always. The principal, who hadn’t been lucky enough to see one of your shows before, was incredibly impressed (she’s a former drama teacher, and she’s not easy to impress!) She said that the staff was raving about how great your assembly was. She also said that you really made an impact on a couple of students who really needed to absorb that message!”
-Beth Agnew, Saltar’s Point Elementary PTA

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