Seattle Science Magic

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Spruce Street School in Seattle three years now presenting my Science Magic assembly. The past two years they’ve hosted me during their conference week. About half of their students come to school as they can’t stay at home, so the staff wants to have special activities planned for the days when teachers are meeting with parents.

“Parents, teachers, and students enjoyed the show. It was funny, entertaining, and educational!  We loved it.”
-Guy Fineout, Spruce Street School

This is the most unusual school I’ve ever visited.  It’s a private school and located in downtown Seattle.  Entering the building, you use stairs or an elevator to reach the second floor classrooms.  The show takes place in a large multi-purpose room with converted garage door bays.   It’s modern and classy and well-equipped.  The neatest feature is the playground.  It’s on the ROOF!  It’s the only place where I can imagine teachers telling kids to take a ball and go play on the roof 🙂

The students were a super audience.  I especially got a kick out of Seth.  He was a little older than the other kids, very observant, and was, of course, sitting in the front row.  He was so excited to figure trick out that he wanted to get up and examine items.  He was skeptical for the first half of the show (“I know how that’s done!”), but by the end he’d been fully converted to a believer.

Heads-up:  I’m presenting my Science Magic show for the City of Redmond Parks and Recreation the evening of Saturday, March 10, 2012.  Connect with me on Facebook for updates, or just leave a comment here on the blog if you want full details closer to the date.

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