School Assembly Showcase

It’s time!  The 2nd annual Washington School Assembly Showcase is this Sunday, September 26, 2010 at The Seattle Public Library.  Doors open at noon and the Showcase performances begin at 2:00 pm. 

Our entertainment lineup includes:

    • Bobby Medina
    • Alex Zerbe
    • Buck and Elizabeth
    • Andrew Barden
    • Rick Anderson
    • Rick Hartman
    • Greg Bennick
    • Pacific Science Center
    • We Care Sports
    • Tim Noah

Badges for vendors are printed.  Our registration table helper is ready.  Custom cakes are in the fridge.  Signage is printed.  Picking up the banner tomorrow.  Rick is getting our EduMazement school assembly brochures ready.  Balloons and decor are scheduled. 


As an extra perk, everyone who pre-registered to attend will receive The Official Guide of School Assembly Presenters.  It’s a 3-ring binder designed to be kept as a resource.  Attendees fill this binder with assembly ideas they like.  And, it’s easy to pass on to the assembly coordinator next year.  I’m envisioning a professionally-bound Guide for next year…

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