Bully-Prevention Assemblies in Puyallup

I visited Carson Elementary and Brouillet Elementary in Puyallup this week with my “Mission: Possible” bully prevention assembly program.  The students at all four shows were fantastic and made my job easy.  This show is a great way to kick off the school year as it gives kids things to think about as they begin making friends and interacting with each other.  And, there are a lot of excellent follow-up classroom discussions possible for teachers who want to expand on the ideas from the assembly in their classroom. 

“After Jeff’s show (Mission: Possible – an anti-bullying message) I was stopped by 7 different teachers who each thanked us, the PTA, for bringing him to our school! One first grade class even paused a moment on their way to lunch to give us a round of applause! The next morning each member of our PTA Board had heard additional comments…and it was a done deal…we KNEW we HAD to have Edumazement back to help us kick off our winter Read-a-thon! What is better praise than watching wiggly energetic K-6th graders sit silent with awe for fear of missing even one amazing moment?! Thanks Jeff for a MAGICAL morning of assemblies!”
     -Holly Mickel, Carson PTA President

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Upcoming Public Shows

Seattle fans – You’re invited to my Amazement Magic Show tonight (Friday, September 17) at 7:00 pm at the Laurel Hurst Community Center in Seattle.  Admission is $5/person. 

Tacoma peeps – Saturday, September 18 I’m performing strolling magic for the DaVita Festival in Tacoma along the waterfront at Dock Street from 1:30 – 4:30 pm.  Lots of activities are planned for this free and open to the public event. 


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