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Online reviews are cool, especially when they’re on an independent site where people can write what they want. Most of the time I share the link with a client and ask them to post a comment, but every once in a while someone just posts an unsolicited review. (How do they even find out about these places?)

This appeared at  However, you need to click on the “filtered review” section to see it.  Yelp figures that if a user has only reviewed one or two businesses they may not be legit. 

“Jeff is the best! He does awesome, entertaining, comical, wonderful, educational and “green” presentations and his presentation was one of the best that we attended at the Libraries all summer long. I highly recommend him. I hope the Friends of the Bellevue LIbrary sponsor him again next summer and bring him back. I was LOL at various moments of his program! I can’t say enough compliments about him! Thank you Jeff – you ROCK!
     -Boni S., Redmond

I’d love it if YOU’D take a moment and post a review for me, too.  Thanks!

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