Washington Educators’ Conference

EduMazement Productions participated in the Washington Educators’ Conference held at the Seatac DoubleTree Hotel recently.  This first-ever conference was a collaboration between the AWSP, WASA, OSPI and WSASCD.  Seminars and workshops covered TPEP, Common Core, technology, Smarter Balanced and other hot education topics.  All educators are invited—from central office administrators to teachers.  It was nice seeing some familiar faces (previous clients, soon-to-be clients, and even my middle school counselor!) as well as meeting some new people from throughout Washington state.

Rick Anderson, my business partner, created an ingenious adaptation of an old magic trick and printed out copies for teachers and educators to use.  It’s the “Magic Boomerang” trick with a great message about how different people have unique strengths and weaknesses. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.  It’s part of Rick’s No Bullies Allowed assembly, and I’ll be adding it to mine, also.   Stay tuned, once the artwork is adapted for PDF I’ll include it here as a download on this blog.

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