Puyallup Science Fair School Assembly

Assemblies get Students Primed
for the School Science Fair

Yesterday I visited the Chief Leschi School in Puyallup.  It’s my second time performing my Science Magic assembly to kick off their school science fair.  Their school is an amazing model of what a school should be; from the moment I arrived teachers greeted me warmly in the hallways and in the gym while I was setting up.  Students knew about the assembly and were excitedly chatting and asking if I was the “science guy.”

Mr. Wilson runs the science fair and put together an incredible week of science experiences for the students.  My assembly was yesterday, the Museum of Flight visits today, an ornithologist is Wednesday, and their school Science Fair is Thursday.  There were bulletin boards in all of the hallways promoting the big event.  I snapped photos of a few that stood out, along with a couple of photos from my assembly.

I’ve created several videos with easy-to-do science demonstrations for kids.  Visit my Youtube channel, then scroll down a ways for the science videos.  You can also download my Science Magic Activity Sheet and a “Levitating Magician” cut-out that works on the principal of center of mass from my website.  (Scroll towards the bottom.)

If you’re looking for a great science fair kick-off, contact me by e-mail or call toll-free (877) 412-5064.  I am based in Olympia and primarily present for schools in Washington and Oregon.  However, I travel outside the area when two or more schools coordinate dates and block-book.  Ask for details.

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