Block-Booking Discounts

I like giving clients block-booking discounts.  Why?  It means I’m busy working, and I love my job.  

If you’ve ever received one of my letters (e-mail or ol’ fashioned) there’s a good chance that with the prices I mentioned a “block-booking discount.”  Basically, if you find another school or library in your area that would like to book the same program on the same day, you both save a certain percentage.  So much of my time is involved with preparation and travel that is simply makes sense to maximize my efforts by doing more than one show when I’m in an area.  

Different performers call it different things.  They may call it “package pricing” or the “routing.”  There are different approaches to block-booking.  There’s the “spoke and wheel method” where, say, I book a bunch of my Mission:  Possible shows in Spokane over several days.  I get a hotel in the area and spend three nights in Spokane, using it as my home base and driving to my shows each day.  

The “train track” approach is more of a moving pattern.  For instance, from my home in Olympia I might drive to Tacoma to do a show, then continue up to Bellingham for an afternoon assembly and an evening Family Night Magic Show for the parks and recreation department.  I spend the night in Bellingham, then the next morning do a couple of shows in Everett before returning home. 

Libraries are the BEST at block-booking! When I visited the Neill Public Library in Pullman last summer, the Moscow Arts Commission and the Whitman County Library also joined in.

Savings range from 20% (typical) to much more – as much as 50% when I’m performing out of town.  This is definitely worth finding out about, as it takes the show from ,”You’re out of our budget” to, “Let me check with my committee and see if that date works!”  

Today an alert client, Kathleen with an elementary school PTA, asked, “Do you happen to be near any other schools in the Shoreline area this year?”  I was able to give her seven different options over the course of three months.  If one of the dates works out, it will save her PTA $120… just for asking and being flexible on dates.  

“We need you to come and do your Read Across America Show for us on Dr. Seuss’ birthday party.  Chances are you’re not already booked in our area.  What then?”

Simple:  talk with me and I can reserve a couple of dates for you.  Occasionally I have good contacts in your area and can help line up another show.  I can create a custom webpage with all of the details about my show and information on the block-booking discount.  I give you the link which you can then share with other schools, libraries, parks and recreation departments, etc. in your area.  It makes it easy for you to spread the word and find out if anyone is interested in partnering with you.  You’re the most important part, as chances are good that you know someone who knows someone involved with a school or organization.  Everyone wins; you get a great show, your partner saves money also, and I pick up another show that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  

Be creative.  I perform for many different groups, ranging from private parties to corporate events to festivals.  Call me toll-free (877) 412-5064 or e-mail me to discuss how to make block-booking work for you!

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