New “BAND Together” Bully-Prevention Program

I just debuted my new “BAND Together:  Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” assembly program today at Centennial Elementary in Olympia.  They hosted my Mission: Possible program last year and wanted me to return. “But do you have anything new?”, they asked.  The truth was, no. However, my partner Rick Anderson discovered an opportunity to buy the rights for a national bully-prevention program in our area and he had some training materials for me.

Using the “BAND Together” show as a guide, doing my own research, and then adapting and borrowing some routines from my Mission: Possible show and voila! – a new program is ready.

“What does the acronym mean?”

Here’s the quick run-down. 

B – Be a buddy, not a bully.

Respect others and treat them with kindness.  Show empathy for others; try and put yourself in their shoes. 

A – Attitude, Avoid, Ask for Help

Attitude:  In the show I demonstrate how a positive attitude can turn a challenging situation (the brick wall) into a “window of opportunity.”  Goal:  See how you can use your positive attitude to cooperate with someone or make a new friend

Avoid:  Students who were feeling the “squeeze” of bullying learn that a simple way to avoid being bullied is to walk away from the situation.  (In the show three students escape from being cut in half with ropes by simply stepping away from the situation.) 

Ask for Help:  Students should try and handle small disagreements on their own before going to an adult.  However, in a Dangerous, Destructive, or Disturbing situation inform a teacher or adult right away. 

N – Nobody Deserves to be Bullied

We are different sizes, like different things, and wear different clothes.  And yet, we’re all the same on the inside. We all have feelings, feelings that can be hurt. And that’s why the letter N tells us that NOBODY deserves to be bullied.

D – Don’t join in, help instead. 

Sometimes when one person is getting teased, others join in and tease that person as well.  Sometimes the people watching don’t join in, but just watch it happen. 

Goal:  Don’t be a bystander, be an upstander and prevent bullying from happening.  You and your classmates can help build a bully-free school! 


It’s always a little nerve-wracking doing a new show.  (Not completely new, but I’d never performed about 50% of the material for a live audience before.) Experience is a huge advantage, but there are always things that live performance teaches you that can’t be learned rehearsing for a video camera.

The show went well, kids had a blast, and my new “BAND Together” show gives me a bully prevention assembly that is better than ever. Look for details on the website in January. 

Sound interesting?  Here’s your “bonus” for reading my blog:  download my Class Activity Sheet here.  And, it’s BRAND NEW, so please critique it and let me know.  (Post your comments here on the blog.)  Thanks!

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