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Today I made a guest appearance for students at Explorer Elementary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota… without ever leaving my comfy home in Olympia, Washington!  It was a Skype visit arranged with teacher/technology integrationist Travis Lape.  Their school science fair is approaching, and although participation is optional, he wants more students participating.

I enjoy browsing through students’ projects when I am performing as part of a school Science Fair, so it’s easy to mirror that excitement back to them.  Science is part of our lives every day; hobbies, sports, food, everything.  Science is amazing, and if someone says they don’t like science, they probably haven’t looked at it from the right perspective.  The tricky part is asking a question and forming a hypothesis that can be measured and evaluated in a scientific way.  Solving this problem is the difference between another vinegar and baking soda “volcano” and a demonstration that makes people wonder, “Yeah, what WOULD happen if….”

“The kids left pumped up! Thank you so much. I will highly recommend you to anyone!”
-Travis Lape, Explorer Elementary teacher

Explorer Elementary students participate in the "Floating Finger" illusion with Jeff Evans

Explorer Elementary students participate in the “Floating Finger” illusion with Jeff Evans

It isn’t the first time I’ve performed virtual magic for a remote audience.  A year and a half ago I entertained for an event for Polycom, a company that specializes in this “virtual boardroom” technology.   As amazing as it is to be able to see, talk, and interact with people anywhere in the world in real-time, there are limitations.  Audio/video was occasionally low quality as there was some bandwidth issues somewhere between our two computers.  And, several times I had to adjust the web camera as I shifted between holding items up and setting them on my table.  Real life will always be best!

If you’re looking for a great science fair kickoff or way to supercharge your STEM curriculum, call me toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at]  Online resources include my Science Magic Class Activity Sheet and cut-out Levitating Magician.  Several videos with science demonstrations you can do at home or in the classroom are at

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