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School Assemblies in Idaho

A huge thank-you to Amanda with the Clearwater Valley Elementary PTSA in Kooskia, Idaho.  She single-handedly coordinated my assembly programs at her school as well as neighboring Kamiah Elementary and Middle School and Grangeville Elementary for Science Magic school assemblies last week.  To wrap it all up, I performed my evening Amazement Magic Show that families from all three schools were invited to attend.  It’s hard getting a single school to decide on a time for an assembly, so getting three schools on board is an even bigger challenge.  Amanda did it all in just a couple of days!

The Clearwater Valley PTSA also came up with a neat fundraising idea that I’d never thought of for the evening show.  One of their PTSA families brought in their rabbit.  I provided my top hat, magic wand, and a slip-on tuxedo to transform kids into “instant magicians.”  Kids paid $5/person after the show for a photo with me and the bunny rabbit as they “pulled a rabbit out of a hat.”  (Actually, the bunny wanted to escape, so the trick was holding him in the hat, but letting him peek out enough for the photo!)

Block-booking and getting multiple schools to coordinate to have the same program on the same/consecutive days is the only way to make little tours like this happen.  If you’re outside of western Washington/Oregon but would like to arrange a visit, talk with me.  I’m happy to help make it easy to spread the word to neighboring schools.  My show is flight-friendly (although I am limited to taking one show with me by plane; i.e., Science Magic, not the Family Night program also.).

To learn more, call me in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064, e-mail me, or visit my website for more details about my motivational school assembly programs.

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