Mossyrock Magic

Yesterday I visited Mossyrock Elementary with my No Bullies Allowed assembly.  Christie and the PTA had a gift bag with water, fresh fruit, a Clif bar, and a souvenir Mossyrock t-shirt for me when I arrived!  Now I am totally spoiled 🙂

The last time I performed in Mossyrock was for their Blueberry Festival a couple of years ago.  It’s a beautiful location along rural Highway 12 in Lewis County.  On the way I passed the DeGoede Bulb Farm (not much happening this time of year) and Mayfield Lake.  An unusual light snow that morning gave everything a wintery look.

I arrived in town early and visited the Mossyrock Dam.  It’s very impressive, and the tallest dam in Washington.  It provides power for about 78,000 homes in western Washington.  Fun fact:  the concrete used to build the dam would fill 127,000 dump trucks.  (Don’t even ask how many bags of sackcrete that would be!)

On my way back along Highway 12 I checked out the Mayfield Dam.  Sometime I’d like to take a tour inside one of these power plants.

That evening I performed for the Winlock Lions Club as they celebrated their 65th anniversary.  It was a very fun show at the Hope Grange in Winlock that ended with a standing ovation.

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