Bye-bye Boring Science Fair Assemblies

Science Fair Kickoff Assembly

A big factor in the success of a school Science Fair depends on how the Fair is introduced and presented to students.  Sending home a sheet of instructions titled “Ten Ways to Help Your Child with a Science Project” doesn’t cut it!

South Bay Elementary in Lacey had me perform my Science Magic assembly program to help kick off their Science Expo.   Fifth grade teacher Christine Rayburn runs the Expo.  Last year the 3 – 6th grades gathered in the gymnasium to watch a video.  Unfortunately, the video was old, the sound quality was poor, and it didn’t exactly get students fired up to explore science on their own.

This year Christine wanted to make a change.  She had me present my Science Magic assembly program and tie it in to their upcoming Science Expo.  As part of my assembly teachers all receive Science Magic Class Activity Sheets, a cut-out Levitating Magician (based on the principle of center of mass), and one Science Magic DVD for the school library.  These free resources make it super-easy for teachers to transfer the fun and excitement from the assembly back to the classroom.  And, the fun experiements in the Activity Sheets and DVD can be duplicated at home or in the classroom.  Listen to Christine’s comments at

The results of my visit won’t be known for a couple more months, but I’m hoping that many of the South Bay students are more excited to ask scientific questions, make hypotheses, conduct research, and come to conclusions as they participate in the Science Expo.

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