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“Can you give me a little more information….

A great principal who I have worked with in the past wanted to bring my No Bullies Allowed assembly program to his school.  He writes, “I have contacted the other elementary principals in my district…and I will be meeting with our PTO to see if they are able to fund a performance.  Can you give me a little more information about the No Bullies Allowed show?”

I gave him a rough outline of the show, and realized that others might want to see some of this “content” portion also.  So… here it is!

A lot of research has gone into creating my bully prevention assembly.  I met with principals and counselors and arranged to borrow the materials that they use to teach their students.  I also went online and to the library, checking out books related to preventing and stopping bullying from happening.

My EduMazement business partner, Rick Anderson, purchased the regional rights to a program called “BAND Together.”  Made for magicians who do school assemblies, it was another step in the right direction, but I preferred many of my routines which I feel teach more usable techniques that elementary students can actually remember and use.

The show continues to evolve.  I search out other anti-bully programs and techniques and integrate the best into my presentation.  For instance, I recently attended two classes in “verbal judo” taught by Masters Jason and Angie Lee of the U. S. Martial Arts Center.  They had a different approach to body language that was eye-opening to me.

My No Bullies Allowed assembly teaches kids simple steps that they can do to “build a bully-proof school.”  I use the acronym BAND to represent the four building blocks of my program.

  • B – Be a buddy, not a bully.  Treat others the way they want to be treated.
  • A – Avoid bullying situations, know when to Ask for help
  • N – Nobody deserves to be bullied (regardless of nationality, appearance, wealth, etc.)
  • D – Don’t join in, help instead. This step transfers power from the bully to the bystanders who step in to help solve the problem.

I feature a role-playing sequence where older students play the part of bullies.  With input from students, I go through different ways to react to possible bullying situations.  Kids learn to “choose their attitude”; that they are in control of their emotions.

Students will remember forever that life is like a mirror.  What you put into a mirror is reflected back at you, and the same is true with life.  Treat others with respect, and they will respect you.

I share the special power that everyone has called empathy.  Empathy is at the core of knowing how to treat someone by being able to read the clues to see how they feel.

Students learn the story of the “Warm Fuzzies.”  Doing good things to others makes you feel good inside, too.  I challenge everyone to give away at least one warm fuzzy each day for the next week.  A warm fuzzy might be helping someone who needs a hand, giving a compliment to a classmate, or doing something nice for someone without being asked.  the magic of the warm fuzzies is that when you do something nice for someone, not only do they feel good for receiving it, it makes you feel great too.

Of course, magic is woven throughout the show.  This keeps students’ attention and makes the messages that much more memorable.

And at the end, I do my comedy “escape” stunt with ropes, chains, a teacher’s borrowed watch, and the “party popper vest of death.”

Now you know the rest of the story 🙂

Link to photos, audio reviews from educators, and reviews from clients at www.edumazement.com/nobullies.html.  I’m based in Olympia, Washington and primarily perform in Washington and Oregon.  However, I can travel to your area and can put together block-booking discounts to make it as affordable as possible.  As I write this I’m at my hotel in Boise, Idaho where I’m doing my Science Magic assemblies the next two days in Eagle and Twin Falls, Idaho.

All it takes is two or three schools to get the ball rolling by coordinating dates.  I can be coming to YOUR area, too!

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