Science Magic Buzz

Here are a couple of great teacher reviews from my recent Science Magic visits to local schools.

“Daniel Bagley Elementary was inspired for days after seeing your performance. The way you combined science and magic was entertaining and educational for all ages, from kindergarten up to the fifth graders. Even the teachers were laughing out loud during the show. The staff was very impressed with your professionalism, talent and the joy you showed for teaching children. We look forward to your next visit!”
     -Corinna Richards, teacher
     Daniel Bagley Elementary, Seattle

This is a frequent comment from other schools that I visit:  it’s rare to find assemblies that engage their younger and older students.  I’ve designed my programs to have something for everyone – even the one-liners that are just for the teachers.  

“We needed something to help generate excitement for the Science Fair. Jeff really got our students jazzed about magic and science. His ability to read the audience and adjust really helped to catch their attention where they were. Great job and thanks again!”
     -Conrad Bryant, Science Committee Co-Chair
     South Colby Elementary, Port Orchard

See what all the hubub is about at my website for school science assemblies.

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