Booking Your School Presenter

This is the fourth article in an 9-part series with tips on planning, producing, and paying for your school assembly program. The complete School Assembly Handbook will be available online at my website for educational school assemblies.

You’ve chosen the perfect topic for your school, found a great presenter, and are ready to schedule your date.

Questions to ask your Presenter

    • Do you need a stage or platform or do you work at ground level?
    • Do you have special requirements (i.e., high ceiling for a juggler)?
    • Do you use fire or live animals in your performance? (Always good to know in advance, so there are no surprises during the program.)
    • Do you carry insurance? (This may or may not be an issue for you, as schools have their own insurance as well.)
    • What sort of sound system requirements do you have?
    • How early will you arrive to set up?
    • How long does it take to break down afterwards?

Tip: Get your presenter’s cell phone and give them yours… just in case.

Give your presenter special information that is specific for your school.

    • School schedule
    • Load in information
    • Parking tips
    • Road construction or detours in the area




Alert your presenter about students with special needs.

    • Hearing impaired (Will there be an ASL interpreter on stage, or will your presenter wear a microphone for assisted-listening devices?)
    • Serious allergies
    • Phobias (i.e., a balloon popping)

Be sure that you and your presenter are on the same page.

    • Receive a contract or written confirmation of some kind.
    • Be sure you receive an invoice.
    • Discuss payment terms (when is the money due, is a deposit required, who should the check be made to, will you be paying by Purchase Order, etc.).

You’re well on your way to a successful school assembly!  Next topic:  staging your assembly. 

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