Summer Reading Program Science Magic

“Your show at the Kent Library was the best ever!  You managed to give our kids  lots of cool scientific information while keeping them totally enthralled! I love the way you stress the “magic” of reading and reinforce learning at every show.  You rock!”
-Laurin Linscott, Kent Library

Science Magic with  Jeff Evans at the Bellevue Library

Science Magic with Jeff Evans at the Bellevue Library

One of the best things about summer are the great programs hosted by libraries.  This marks my 22nd year performing as part of Summer Reading Programs for public libraries (I was born at a young age!), and, I love it.  This year has been particularly fun as my Science Magic Show is one of my all-time favorites.  It’s one that I present for schools during the year also, so it’s always polished and ready to go.

In fact, I first created the show for the King County Library System for a science theme in 1997.  Pamela LaBorde, Youth Services Librarian at the Ballard Library, was one of my first Science Magic clients while she was at the Redmond Library back in “the day” (1997)!


Levitating Magician

OK, so this is more of a suspension than a levitation, but it visually defies explanation!  You’ll need to download and print this image out on heavy cardstock, cut around the dotted lines, and then tape a penny on the back of each of my “hands.”  Follow the instructions on the piece of paper and “Flat Jeff” can be floating on your desk in a matter of minutes!

Two fans demonstrate the Levitating Magician.  Cool!

Two fans demonstrate the Levitating Magician. Cool!


If you’re reading this before the end of August 2014, there may still be a chance for you to see one of my programs live.  Or, be a fan on Facebook where I try and post upcoming performances.  If you are involved with school assemblies, special events, or even private parties and are interested in a Science Magic show or just-for-fun performance, send e-mail to jeff[at] or call Jeff Evans direct in Olympia, Washington at 360-412-5064.

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