Young Author’s Night

“It’s Sharky Time!”  This is definitely in the running for “Best School Song Ever.”  The Shoultes Elementary School mascot is a shark, and there are shark-themed photos and drawings throughout the school.  I’ve been to Shoultes in Marysville in the past and thought this was hilarious, and this year wanted to record and share it.  Everyone, do the Sharky Jive!


Shoultes Elementary hosts a fantastic night of reading and literature each year, and this was their largest and best-attended one yet!  Congrats to teacher Debbie Vincelette and all of the teachers, staff, and parents who put in a lot of time to make this an evening the kids will remember for a long time.

I performed my Reading Magic show in the afternoon as a way to get kids excited to return in the evening.  Doing an afternoon assembly in conjunction with an evening event makes a big difference in increasing attendance.  I bet that a lot of kids went home talking about the assembly and dragged their parents back for the evening!


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