Issaquah Science Magic Workshops

Hands-On Science Teaches
STEM Concepts

I presented my Science Magic school assembly for Sunset Elementary in Issaquah earlier this year.  It was a big success, and the 4th grade teachers wanted me to return and host hands-on science workshops designed to meet the 4th grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) requirements.  Concepts included the states of matter, the properties of air, and what happens to matter when it undergoes physical and chemical changes.  In addition to these core concepts, demonstrations also involved air pressure, density, center of mass, expansion/contraction, and acceleration.

It was good for me to “hit the books” and teach new material, and the students had a blast.  One parent helper commented, “It looks more like a birthday party than a classroom.”  I think she meant that in a good way, as the kids were having a blast amazing themselves with the scientific principles.

Many thanks to the four parents from each classroom who were on hand to help assist at the various stations to make everything go smoothly.

Learn more about bringing my Science Magic assembly or a workshop to your elementary school by calling toll-free (877) 412-5064 or sending e-mail to jeff[at]

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