World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraising Assemblies

"Twinning" with Kal of World's Finest Chocolates

“Twinning” – Jeff of EduMazement Productions and Kal of World’s Finest Chocolates

  • School PTAs need money.
  • Chocolate bar sales generate money.
  • Therefore, PTAs need chocolate

I can’t make the formula any simpler!  Last year I teamed up with Kal with World’s Finest Chocolates to offer a special deal to any school that holds a successful fundraiser with him.  Last week I visited three schools in the greater Tacoma area, and today I’m performing for a school in Puyallup.

Chocolate Proves to be
a Sweet Fundraiser

One of the reasons that schools raise money is to provide assembly programs for their students.  Kal offers a special discount on my motivational school assembly programs in western Washington to his participating schools that meet a certain sales goal.  It’s been hugely popular.  Kal says that for years he has been hearing that parents – and kids – are tired of the cheap plastic toys typically offered as prizes for fundraising programs.  He mused that perhaps providing an experienceone that would be both fun as well as educational – might be even more valuable for schools and a hit with students.

Kal offers different levels of rewards based on the number of chocolate bars sold.  Basically, selling X number of bars gives students a special ticket to get out of class to attend my magic show.  (Schools choose from my Science Magic, Reading Magic, No Bullies Allowed, or a just-for-fun Amazement Magic Show.)  Selling Y bars gives students special VIP seating and those students receive a signed poster from me.

Of course, there are additional prizes for the top overall fundraiser, a treat for the entire top class, and a random drawing for a cool prize from the names of everyone who participated.  See fun photos from the World’s Finest Chocolate assembly at Thompson Elementary in Tacoma last year.

The fundraisers have been hugely successful.  The chocolate bars are delicious, and practically sell themselves.  Families find that it’s a lot easier to sell a $1 chocolate bar than overpriced cookie dough or gift wrap or catalog sales.  And, 50% of each sale is returned to the school.  Schools typically earn several thousands of dollars – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars – in profit with their World’s Finest Chocolate sales.

To learn more about bringing a World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser to your school, contact Kal at (253) 549-5010 or send e-mail to wfckal[at]

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