School Carnival Magic Show

Woodland Elementary in Lacey held their school carnival tonight.  Along with face painting, a cake walk, games of skill and chance, and local celebrity and balloon artist Adam Lee they had “famed magician” Jeff Evans(It’s true – check out the photos!) 

Woodland has a fantastic PTA with several dedicated parents, and it really takes a small army to handle all of the details that go into a successful school carnival.  First, their PTA has obviously been spreading the word for some time.  The carnival was listed on their electronic reader board at the street.  Large posters with details about the carnival greeted me at the front door.  Walking down the hallway I saw several posters promoting both the carnival and my magic show.  (I send custom PDF posters for all of my school visits.)

I performed my bully prevention assembly for the school earlier this year, so all of their students know me.  Several told me how they have been waiting to see me.   (My last visit even made the evening news when a military father returned early and surprised his daughter on stage at the end of the assembly!  Their family was at the carnival, and it was nice seeing them again.)

Woodland has a library with a nice “stage” with raked seating for the audience.  It is helpful being in a separate room from the other carnival games and activities.  (I’ve done it both ways, but this is much nicer – no distractions.)  Acoustics in libraries are always better than gymnasiums, too.

Doing three – twenty minute shows meant that audience size was more manageable for me, and gave kids plenty of time to make it around to all of the other fun activities planned.

It takes a lot of volunteers to make a carnival a success.  It was great seeing teachers, parents, and students all working together to help set up, run, and clean up afterwards.

If you’re planning a school carnival, auction, or fundraiser and are looking for a fun way to keep your K-6th graders – and their older siblings and parents – entertained, send me a note or call me in Olympia toll-free (877) 412-5064.

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