Choose an Assembly that is a Good Fit for your School

This is the first article in an 9-part series with tips on planning, producing, and paying for your school assembly program.  The School Assembly Handbook will be available online at my website for school assembly programs.  

There are some very cool assembly programs available, ranging from motivational dog sled mushers to high-flying BMX stunt shows. Prices range from very little (possibly a local celebrity) to very expensive (travel/lodging/expenses for a troupe of performers from out of the area).

If money is no object and teachers have no problem letting students out of class for anything, you can skip this section. However, reality is that you’re working with limited resources and teachers are stingy about letting students out of class for non-academic activities.

Do a poll and find out what subjects are important to your school. Here are some popular issues:

  • Literacy Night
  • Diversity/Black History Month
  • Science Fair
  • Math Night
  • Bully Prevention
  • Health and Nutrition
  • and many more

Once you’ve highlighted a few subjects that are important to your school, start your search.

You’re invited!  If you’re a member of a PTA in Washington state, consider this your invitation to see me, Jeff Evans, and friend and fellow assembly presenter “Mr. Toymaker” Rick Hartman conduct The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Assembly Coordinators at the Washington State PTA convention on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the Seatac Doubletree Hotel.

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