STEM and Science Fair School Assembly Program

STEM and Science Fair School Assembly Program

Attention assembly planners:  Are you looking for a super-fun way to kick off your STEM curriculum or school Science Fair?  Jeff Evans’ Science Magic assembly is an interactive mix of science and magic. Students are exposed to the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases.  The properties of air pressure, static electricity, center of mass, and density are visually demonstrated.

Magic tricks can all be explained by science, and Jeff has been fascinated with science experiments and demonstrations since he was a growing up.  So, the idea of bringing science and magic together was a natural.  His goal is to spread this amazement and desire to learn science on to students. Since 1996 his Science Magic show has been seen by tens of thousands of students in Washington, Oregon, and beyond.

“The word from the children was “this was the best assembly EVER!” The parents, teachers and staff all agree with the children, you were extremely entertaining.”
-Wendy Logan, Browns Point Elementary PTA

“I have heard nothing but the highest praise for your show.  We do want to schedule you for next year!”
-Susan Peterson, East Port Orchard Elementary teacher

“That was the best magic show ever!  I never knew so many things about science.”
     -Nicole Strehle, Esquire Hills Elementary student

Visit for free teaching resources

“I just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed your assembly.  In 16? 17? years of teaching, it was one of the very best assemblies I’ve been to. The kids were totally entertained, enthralled, and educated, too.  You really motivated them with your take-home experiments.  Thank you, thank you!”
     -Kathi MacDonald, Penny Creek Elementary teacher

This is the assembly that will kick-start your science fair
Some experiments can be duplicated at home or in the classroom. This assembly is an ideal lead-in to your STEM curriculum or school Science Fair, or just as a way to show students the fun of learning.  Visit for free resources for teachers, parents, and students.

See photos from Jeff’s visits to other schools on Pinterest.

Alien life? Nope – just dry ice in soapy water on top of a light base.

Assembly Facts

This 45 minute educational-magic show is recommended for grades K-6.   Jeff supplies everything necessary for his performance including tables, backdrops, and wireless microphone to plug into your school’s sound system.  Custom posters are mailed to your school to let students know about the special program in advance.

Jeff Evans lives in Olympia, Washington and performs in-person for schools throughout the Pacific Northwest and virtually worldwideE-mail or call (877) 412-5064 for prices, availability, and to receive more details. 

Science Fair magic workshop for Life Christian Academy in Tacoma

Science Magic Workshop for Life Christian Academy in Tacoma

Science Magic Workshop

Jeff also offers hands-on, classroom Science Magic Workshops.  It’s the ideal addition to your Science Magic assembly as it gives kids a chance to immediately begin learning and exploring science on their own.  Watch video online at

Hybrid performance-workshops can also be conducted virtually. Jeff’s streaming video studio lets him connect with your students anywhere they have internet access. Students receive a list of supplies to have ready in advance. Jeff can also provide special items if required. Ask for more information.

Class Activity Sheets

Teachers receive free Science Magic Class Activity Sheets the day of the program.  Download your PDF Science Magic Class Activity Sheet here.

Hands-on science demonstrations exploring Newton's 2nd Law of Motion

Hands-on science demonstrations exploring Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion

Virtual Science and STEM Programs

Virtual STEM assembly program

Virtual STEM assembly program: carbon dioxide extinguishes fire

Jeff can visit your students virtually whether they are at home or school, anywhere you have internet access! Students interact with Jeff via chat as well as live video/audio to become part of the program. This can be presented in an “assembly format” where students watch and learn, or in a more “hands-on workshop format” where students follow along at home. Jeff provides a list of supplies to have in advance, and can also supply specialized items if required. 

“Jeff is truly an amazing magician! Our school so appreciated how he incorporated science learning and magic in one virtual experience! Jeff’s props, magic display/set up, and scene was perfect! We cannot wait to book an additional virtual assembly with him!”
-Bobbi Moore, Amy Parks Heath Elementary PTA

Jeff’s “Zoom Room” includes two high definition cameras, OBS production switcher, pro audio, and theatrical lighting so all of the demonstrations are easy to see and understand. It’s as though Jeff is in each classroom sharing his enthusiasm for science and discovery!

Free Science & STEM Resources

Jeff has created a website full of fun, easy-to-do science demonstrations that can be done at home or in the classroom. Explore them for free at

And, here’s a free cut-and-make demonstration of center of mass.  A cut-out magician seems to defy the law of gravity and balance in a strange manner.  Download your own PDF Levitating Magician here.  (Tip:  print it on card stock or glue the printout to a sheet of construction paper to give the cutout extra “body.”)

For both its entertainment and educational value, Science Magic is a sure student and teacher pleaser! For prices and availability for Jeff Evans’ STEM and science fair assembly call toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to jeff[at] today.