Library & School Reading Assembly

Reading assembly program ideal ideal kick-off or culmination for your reading program, literacy night, book fair, or Read Across America celebration

Jeff Evans’ motivational Reading Magic reading assembly program encourages children to enjoy reading for a lifetime. Students help Jeff return an overdue book and see what makes a library card like a magic wand.  Curious George appears to perform the “World Famous Banana Trick.”  You’ll see jaws drop when Jeff shows how reading helps solve the puzzling Rubik’s Cube.

In Jeff’s latest routine, a volunteer is transported to Hogwarts for a hilarious Harry Potter scene complete with wig and glasses.  You’ve never seen anyone have such a hard time holding onto a magic wand!

“Thank you so very much for another wonderful performance!  Adults and the students just love your show(s)!”
  -Wendy Logan, Browns Point Elementary PTA“Another great show!  You really have a way of drawing them in and winning them over!”
-Eilene Glasgow, Meridian School teacher

Jeff Evans' reading assembly programs for libraries and schools are seen by thousands of kids each week throughout Washington state.

Jeff Evans’ reading assembly program encourages kids to turn off the TV and tune in to the fun and thrill of reading books

It’s a lot of fun, but most importantly the benefits of reading are woven throughout the show. Your students will be excited to try out the “magic numbers” of the Dewey Decimal system at your library.  See photos from Jeff’s assemblies at other schools on Pinterest.

Assembly planners often wonder, “Will this program really make a difference for our students?”

“I had one student come back to me the next day and say that he went straight to the public library, activated his card, and checked out a book on magic.  He was inspired!”
  -Urdene Rickard, librarian, St. Vincent de Paul School

Jeff Evans' reading assembly programs for libraries and schools are seen by thousands of kids each week throughout Washington state.

“Reading Magic” at the Chehalis Timberland Library

It all Started from a Book

Libraries hold a special place in Jeff’s heart.  His career began from a book on magic that he found at his grandparent’s house when he was twelve years old.  He already knew that “magic” happens when you read a good book, but this was different.  He was mesmerized, and began voraciously checking out all of the books from local libraries.  (They’re in the 793.8 section, if you’re curious.)

When he began his career, libraries were some of his first clients.  His first summer reading performances for the Lacey, Tumwater, and Olympia Libraries were in 1992.  Since then, Jeff has performed shows each year for all three of these libraries, making them his longest-running clients.

Each summer he performs for several dozen libraries as part of their Summer Reading Programs.  If you live in western Washington, chances are good that Jeff has been to your local library.  Frequently he’ll build a new show to fit the program’s theme.  He has donned cloak of Aquifer Man, Super Reader, Bug Boy (!) and other reincarnations of himself over the years.  (See photos on Pinterest.)

His shows always encourage kids to turn off the TV and unlock the fun and thrill of reading.  Many library clients have worked with Jeff for over two decades.  And, he’s performed for each of the Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater Timberland Libraries nearly every single year since his first visit in 1992!  See photos and more from his X-STREAM Magic Show for the 2017 Summer Reading Program in western Washington and Oregon.

Call Jeff Evans in Olympia at (360) 412-5064 or toll-free (877) 412-5064 or send e-mail to today for rates and booking information.